What is your booking process like?

Do you travel outside of Czech republic for weddings & shoots?

It's super simple! Just fill out the contact form on my website or email me at anetapribova@gmail.com with your details. Tell me more about your wedding, location, date or any detail that matters to you. I will send you an email back and we can schedule an online call or meet in some cozy cafe v Prague.

Yes! I absolutely love to travel and have photographed couples & weddings all over the world! Already been to India, Ireland, Mexico and Sweden. I will take care of all travel arrangements, so you won't have to worry about booking anything for me.


How long before we get the final photo gallery and how many photos does it contain?

In the main wedding season, I deliver photos within 8 weeks. Don't worry, I will send you a small preview earlier, so you can share the big news with your family and friends. The final gallery contains at least 500 photos from the full-day wedding. I will choose the photos carefully so there won't be any any important moment missing.


Do you also offer any prints?

My goal is that the photos from each photoshoot, and especially the wedding one, are as timeless, and what's more timeless than print? I will be happy to put together a luxury wedding photo book or photobox. Ask for my current pricelist. International shipping possible.